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Corporativo Milenium sells Eco Premium Lots and Ecological Ranchitos from 700 m2, with exclusive club and cenotes in Puerto Morelos Q. Roo.

Buy or build

In order to choose the best investment option for you, we innovate in a new concept of green real estate developments.

corporativo milenium

The investment options that we have selected are located in the Riviera Maya in an exclusive area called Ruta de los Cenotes, which is characterized by being an eco-tourism and real estate development.

At Km23 of the Ruta de los Cenotes is located Jungle Life Ecopark, a park in which you can perform more than 20 recreational, sports, extreme and rest activities.



*Security and vigilance * Cell coverage *Maintenance * Roads and sidewalks * Water and green energy


Land of 700 m2 and 1000 m2

Ecological Park

Unlimited access membership to our exclusive ecotourism park with a wide variety of activities for all tastes.

Ecological houses


1 to 3 bedrooms

Wooden finishes

Stone coverings Wood veneer in beams and ecocreto columns in walkways and garage, non-slip floor on the terrace.

Ecological Park

Unlimited access membership to our exclusive ecotourism park with a wide variety of activities for all tastes.

Milenium Corporate

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about us

corporativo milenium

We are pioneers in the construction of sustainable and sustainable ecological developments in Quintana Roo, always promoting the care of nature and the environment, faithful to the commitment to take care of our planet, giving our happy clients excellent investment options. In essence, we are a team that guides, supervises and supports the companies that make up Corporativo Milenium, and made up of sub-companies that are leaders in their field, giving our group prestige and solvency.

Milenium Corporate

About us

Milenium Corporate is a company with Mexican capital, 100% Quintanarroense; and it is made up of 8 companies.


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